Our Story

        We started just a small resort here in the country. One time I realized how I can connect with other resorts owners and agents so I can communicate to improve tourism. When we are operating, we are giving 20 percent to agents who bring us “Guest” in our resort. We have a very big problem with Marketing and since we are also  working individuals, we’re hustling with business and work. Then, that’s the time I started conceptualizing resortz.ph.

       Also because we love travelling and have a problem “Locating” remote and local resorts. I realized I can solve this problem with resortz.ph. So, here we are connecting with so many local resorts to Solve some problems like;

1.  Marketing

2. Platform (website)

3. System

4. High service commission from different Booking Sites.

5. Customer Services

        Now,  We are here to give a solution so that we can solve this problems and We can help everyone find their perfect “Destination” and “Paradise” here at Resortz.ph.

Our mission

      Our mission is to reach every local resort in the Philippines no matter where they are. Through our website, we can assist them in getting back on the market and increasing their monthly revenue.

      Also, we want to make it as simple as possible for everyone to find The perfect and ideal resort for them.

      We’ll start in our own country, then show you every resorts on the planet.


Best and Luxurious Facilities

We give you time to  find the Resort for you!


Choose from a wide range of exclusive resorts.


Booking done via Resortz.ph

Room Service

We maintain First Class Service


Choose Fun & Recreation Moments


Set the Best Dinner for two

Free Wifi

It's a good thing to be always connected.

Offering a series of comfortable and Lavish Exclusive Resorts residences.

All our Resorts are fabulous, they are destinations unto themselves. We Grow and Expand to give you only the best!